How Does the Process Work

  • 1 Request Talent

    Click here to request some of the top talent in your market.
  • 2 Recruiter Contact

    Client Intake Session conducted
  • 3 Smart Source

    Eiffel team will begin to source and vet talent.
  • 4 Client Communication

    Develop a weekly or biweekly update meeting to establish continued communication throughout the process. We always want our clients updated on the process and its progress.
  • 5 Candidates Presented

    Eiffel will present only qualified candidates to client.
  • 6 Onboarding Support

    Eiffel will provide onboarding support to complete the process.
  • 7 Client Follow-Up

    Eiffel will follow-up with client and new hire separately to assure that the hire was a good match.

We look forward to working with you!